Having been a stay at home Mum for a number of years I wanted to expand my horizons by running my own business.

When travelling, I had often struggled to find a secure place to transport my jewellery – the necklaces would often get all tangled together with each other or with the other jewellery items. Often everything ends up in a tangled mess.

I had used a typical travel jewellery roll but it didn’t really protect my jewellery or solve the problem; my jewellery still ended up tangled together by the end of the journey.

I looked for something with a better design but couldn’t find anything suitable, and so I decided to develop my own!

I'm really excited about the journey I've already taken with this business and, with lots of ideas for other beautiful designs with practicality in mind, I can't wait to see where it will lead me! 

I hope you thoroughly enjoy using my products. Happy travels!

Terri xx