Second-hand jeweller unveils its top 8 tips for caring for gold jewellery

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Second-hand jeweller unveils its top 8 tips for caring for gold jewellery

Manchester’s William May has unveiled its top tips for caring for gold jewellery on its blog.

The second-hand jeweller also operates as a pawnbroker and has an e-commerce site.

Now it has updated its blog with a post detailing exactly how consumers and jewellery businesses can look after their gold pieces.

The piece includes advice on storage, different methods of cleaning, repairs and more.

Nick Withington, managing director at William May, commented:

“We have seen a rise in sales of pre-owned jewellery pieces as more customers look to invest in vintage designs.

“So, of course with its increased popularity, a guide detailing the proper way to care for vintage gold jewellery has become highly requested.

“The better the quality of gold the more delicate it is and so it is vital that jewellery owners know the best way to clean, store and repair their gold accessories.”

Read the jeweller and pawnbroker’s top eight tips for gold jewellery care below:

How to store gold jewellery properly

Storing your jewellery in a soft lined box will prevent it from being scratched by other pieces and will also stop the gold jewellery from becoming tangled with other accessories. Keeping the box away from hot radiators, will also stop your gold from being exposed to extreme temperature changes.

How often should you clean gold jewellery?

We’d always advise to clean your gold chain relative to the amount that you wear it. For example, if it is an occasional item then it might be best to clean it after each use.

How to clean gold jewellery with soap and warm water

You can easily clean gold jewellery at home by using washing-up-liquid and warm water. If you soak the chain for a few minutes in the soapy water the dirt will come away easily with a soft cloth or a toothbrush. We would recommend not cleaning jewellery with toothpaste or other strong abrasive chemicals. Once dry you can use a gold polishing cloth to buff the chain.

How to give your jewellery more of a thorough clean

If your jewellery requires a more thorough clean, an ultrasonic cleaner can clean gold jewellery by emitting high-frequency sound waves while the gold jewellery is in water. The sound waves will agitate any dirt so that it easily comes away from the metal.

Can you let gold jewellery get wet?

Getting any plated jewellery wet can remove the plating so we would always advise to remove any plated jewellery before showering.

Can gold jewellery rust?

Almost all gold jewellery will have alloys mixed in. Gold and these other alloys will not rust, however, these alloys can sometimes react with things such as perfumes, which can cause discolouration.

How to prevent breakage

Any gold jewellery piece can break if it has been tugged too hard or weakened from stretching.
Keeping your gold jewellery clean will help reduce any risk of chemicals causing damage. Making sure you remove any chains carefully will reduce the chances of necklaces or chains being pulled at during the night or being caught on your clothes.

How to repair gold jewellery

Gold jewellery can be easily repaired by jewellery specialists so that you’ll have them back like new in no time. These are some of the most common repairs for gold chains:
• chain link soldering to fix broken links or a snapped chain
• replacing the clasp if the spring has failed or the clasp has become bent out of shape
• shortening a gold chain

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