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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are thriving and enjoying life.
It’s been an interesting 20 months to say the least hasn’t it, a period in which I decided to put Berri on hold but now that life is almost back to normal I’m starting things up again.

Well, the universe certainly has a sense of humour…
I took delivery of my Berri travel jewellery cases in January 2020 all ready to launch at the beginning of March 2020. Yes, March 2020!!
I’ll never forget making a phone call to a shop manager about selling my products in their store back in March 2020.
I asked how they were as they sounded so despondent…”I’m just trying to navigate my way through this nightmare” they replied. I felt so bad for them.
Keeping necklaces and earrings organised on holiday was not our highest priority.
I have three boys, now aged 10, 11 & 14 years who I home schooled. During the first lockdown I did pretty well at being teacher: my husband was home and we ran things together.
And we’re still married! My husband is a Civil Engineer so he’s brilliant at maths. Me, I’d struggle with my then 9-year-old’s maths work.
By the time the third lockdown arrived I was on my own and, frankly, my boys’ schooling nose-dived into special measures. Thank God for the X-box eh!
During lockdown I got a beautiful Bengal kitten called Arthur. I’ve uploaded his picture for any cat lovers out there.

I can’t believe where this year has gone…October already and Christmas is approaching fast. It’s a great time to get Berri up and running again.
I now offer the option to personalise my jewellery organisers. Check out the travel tab on this website & scroll down the page for more information here https://www.berri-designs.com/the-travel-case/

I’m really feeling positive and optimistic about the future – I hope you are too.
Sending positive vibes and love to everyone.
For those lucky enough to be going somewhere, happy travels! And don’t forget to take your Berri travel jewellery case to keep your jewellery organised!
Terri x

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